My 2009 Chevrolet Silverado (Crew Cab)(Blue)

Posted on: Wed, 10/25/2017 - 18:22 By: dusty

This is the first brand new vehicle i have ever owned. it had less than 50 miles on it when i bought it December 28, 2010. we went with the full-size pickup as it was getting kind of hard fitting a family of five in the S-10. the girls had a big hand in deciding which truck we bought and with what accessories. after looking around for a while, i chose the Chevy based on fuel economy. while i was settling on the specific truck, we brought the girls out to test. i had already haggled a spray-in bed liner, it was the girls that got us the "environmental" package, but it was Riley, three at the time, that got us the sidesteps. i remember standing next to the salesman watching her try (and fail) to climb into the truck. i looked at the salesman and said "we're gonna have to do something."

My first heartbreak from this truck came six months later in the form of a Wal-mart shopping cart. now, i don't think i would have run into the cart, but there it was when i came back to the truck, perfectly lined up with two little dents. i wanted to cry.

About a month and a half later, i was helping Fred build some sheds over a weekend. i mean, two straight 12 hour days of swinging hammers under the hot sun; if i wasn't dehydrated, then i was definitely tired. but the girls wanted ice cream. so we piled into the truck and i threw it into reverse. now i was looking back, complete with hand up on the seat as i peered ver my right shoulder. Somehow, i failed to note the position of Lisa's van; the subsequent crunch of metal and plastic reminded me. in one swift and careless action, i had managed to screw up both our vehicles. Fantastic.