Help Me

 I sketched this while bored at a conference.  I kept thinking "God, help me."  Colored back at home in Photoshop.

Purple Angel

I drew this for a flash intro to my site.

Millenium Crow

I met my wife this night!

Tech Support

Tech Support is HERE!


A simple sketch about power.

Dusty At The Rack

 Me as a Network Manager!

Missle Tank

 Some Missle-Launching Tank I did on watch.

Radioactive Superhero?

 Some kind of Radioactive Superhero.

Blue Car

 Some Blue Car i must have done on watch.

Column Collage

A Collage i made in Photoshop messing around with automated actions.  like how good the smoke looks?  Yeah, baby!  The column I used actually came from a picture I took within the Capitol in D.C.

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