Looking for Mike Davis

 I got a Facebook account last week.  I wasn't necessarily avoiding getting one, but never had the reason before.  Now I had the reason.  I was searching online and the results came back that his dad may have a Facebook account.  So I signed up.  Turns out it wasn't the guy and I'm back to square one.

Anyway, the guys name is Mike Davis.  Should be easy, right?  To make it better, his name is Michael Jerome Davis, which if you've searched, you'd know this is also a famous dead musician.  Not helping.

So, after I left Germany, I went to a high school in Waynesville, MO.  Then my dad retired and we moved to Michigan.  Wouldn't you know it, Mike moved and ended up going to Waynesville High School too.  I stopped by once and visited him.  Anyway, he would've graduated 1995 like me.  I thought I had a lead when I found someone who knew Mike Davis that graduated Waynesville High School Class of 1995.  But it turns out there were two Mike Davis that year!  Michael J Davis and Michael L Davis!  Aw Geez...

 Maybe I can find him via his folks.  I know his dad, Andrew "dewey" Davis was stationed with my father as part of the 284th MP Company in Frankfurt, Germany.  His mom was Sue Davis.  And he had two sisters I think.

Anyway, this is my APB:  If you think you know the guy, tell him to drop me a line.