Kharma +1

Monday on the way home from my chiropractor appointment, I'm sitting at a red light about to turn right onto a highway onramp that will lead to my doctor's appointment.  As I wait, a van pulling a pop-up camper comes off the offramp to my left, turns left to proceed in the same direction I am pointing; under the highway bridge.  Suprised, I witness the camper's Propane tank seperate itself, take three hard bounces on the pavement, and roll off the road and under the bridge.

I thought, "damn, I sure would hate losing my propane tank," and "I wish someone would be kind enough to tell me it came loose."  Before the tank settled into the ditch, I pushed the gas pedal to the floor and sped through the red light to catch the van.

Catching the van only about 50 yards down the road, I rolled my window down and signaled to the driver and his passenger, presumably wife.  Oddly, they did not roll down thier window.  Instead, they slowed and stopped in the middle of traffic!  I pulled to the side of the road, got out of my truck, and crossed the two lanes of traffic to the van which had an increasingly long line of cars stopped behind it.  The wife didn't roll down her window until I was standing right outside the door for over half a second; I can only image what she was thinking as random newspaper headlines flashed through my head; "Campers slain on city street!"

"Hey buddy, you lost your propane tank under the bridge," I informed the driver.

"Okay, thank you," came the reply and he pulled away.  As he moved away I noticed the Quebec license plates.  Oh: foreigners.  I began to wonder if the wife spoke English at all as she might only speak French.  Knucks!

We both turned around and went back to the bridge underpass.  Somehow I got there first and walked over to the ditch and eyed the propane tank.  Only this close did the potential danger of it exploding reach me.  I decided to leave the tank for the driver.  I flagged the van down as it approached and the driver got out to inspect the camper and missing tank.  He stood there looking at the tank then me.  Okay, I'll go get the tank.  I brought the tank back up to the camper where the driver took it from me.

He tried to explain: "We drive 2000 miles..."  yup, broken English.

"Well good luck buddy, I'll see you around."  Dusty's Kharma: +1.

Later, at my Doctor's appointment I cashed in my Kharma as the doctor found nothing wrong with me.  Yaaah me!.