My first Concert - White Zombie

The first concert I can remember (my folks say I've been to earlier ones) was White Zombie, with Ramones (on one of their farewell tours), and the Vandals.

I was working at Stone Container at the time: grueling 12-hour shifts 4 days at a time.  The money was good, but I was always tired.  A buddy, Steve Yancharez called me up before work and said he had an extra ticket but needed a ride.  I faked a cough and called in sick to work.  Unfortunately, my dad was the foreman at the time.  I put on my best phone hacking-up-a-lung performance, and he bought it. Picked up Steve in the Bonneville, and we were on our way.

The concert was in K-wings stadium in Kalamazoo: the first time I had been there.  Realize this was when White Zombie's "More Human Than A Human" has just began getting a lot of airplay: It was the first album i bought of theirs, loved it, and was electrified with the anticipation of seeing them live.  I remember Steve kept wanting to get me into the pit, but I was too scared;  I was happy enough watching for the stands.  To date, White Zombie had one of the best stage shows I have seen.