One of my earliest memories

 One of my earliest memories is that of my sister's birth.  I don’t know when i was first told, but I knew she was born in Lakewood Forest, Illinois.  We always used to say it, whenever asked; "Lakewood Forest, Illinois" rolled off our tongues like familiar lyrics to a song.  That was accurate enough for me; I remember my father was stationed at Fort Sheridan Illinois as a military police in the U.S. Army.  The silhouette of the hospital has stuck in my head over the years: a medium-sized rectangle building rising up above the endless trees, all black against the fading gold and red sunset sky.  Lacking all other specifics, I know I was emotionally charged extremely excited to be seeing and meeting my new sister.  The siblings in my family were all two years apart.   This meant, as my sister was just being born, my brother would have been two and i was four.  I know we held hands with my father in the hospital. There we were: the Sievers men, all daisy-chained in the elevator ready to greet a new member of the family into the world.  I recall the anticipation as we ascended in the elevator.  The rest is history.

Imagine my surprise, some twenty years later, when the same silhouette stared back at me from my second story boot camp window.  I was at recruit training command for the navy in great lakes Illinois when the familiarity of the building's silhouette hit me.  I called home to verify: my sister had, in fact been born at that hospital on the adjacent Naval Training Command (NTC)!  After boot camp, when I was allowed, I wandered onto NTC to check the hospital out.  Sure enough, as I approached the front I could see through the glass doors to the elevators I had ridden so many years ago, and was overcome with an eerie déjà vu feeling.  If not for myself, then for my sister I had come full circle.  This was where it all began.