My 1998 Pontiac Grand Am

Posted on: Wed, 10/25/2017 - 18:18 By: dusty

This was my interim vehicle since the neon crash and it performed acceptable in this capacity.

Most notable is the manner in which it went away. scotty and i were going to his biweekly allergist appointment and stopped at a red light after exiting the highway. i remember hearing a screeching sound before glancing into the rearview and seeing the grill of a big black van barreling down on me. I had just enough time to throw my arm up and make the "soccer mom save" on scotty before the impact. After the smoke settled, i looked over to see the contents of my glove compartment on scotty's lap. he was okay, but that was a poor design for a glove compartment, i thought. we got out of my now accordion-shaped car and stood on the curb; we had been the second car in a six car pileup. apparently, a full-size F150 pickup complete with trailer full of a lawn tractor and assorted landscaping tools had come steaming off the exit ramp, and swerved into our lane to avoid a collision in their own lane. their weight had carried six vehicles forward into one another. Between the crash and when Grandma came to pick us, this was one of the most well behaved times i remember scotty.