A Christmas Carol

This last thursday we went to see a play, A Christmas Carol. You know, the one with Ebinezer (sp?) Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Three Xmas ghosts and such. It was put on by the Virginia Stage Company at Wells Theater. It was a very well done rendition of the classic story. I laughed at all the jokes, Alyssa cried at the ghosts. My mother, who is staying with us for the week was almost appauled they cast a black guy as Scrooge's Nephew. She's from up north. What can I say? Anyway, It was later in the evening and I had been up late the previous night Christmas shopping. I saw they had some Cappacino at the concession stand and decided to indulge myself so I could stay awake. I bought a package of M&Ms for the kids, too. So we're inside, me sipping my cup, Lisa handing out candy, and I wanted to take a picture of the inside of the theater, which was adorned with just plain cool old school architectural elements. I know more than snapped one picture and the usher cam over and politely reminded us there was No Eating