Def Leppard

I took Scott to see Def Leppard last night. 

Let me start off by describing my week. I had one midterm in Principles of Business on Thursday, a Quarterly IT report on thursday, a midterm in IT security due on tuesday and four quizes for IT Security due on Thursday. You can damn well bet I was bustin my hump all week to make sure things went straight. Tonite I have a Halloween haunted house party to rehearse for; the party is tommorow. I was barely coping with things when my wife calls Thursday after lunch and says she can get two free tix to Def Leppard. No Way! I swore I had too much to do, if nothing else, studying for this Business 210 midterm. I told her to get them, anyway. I tried to study after work, but couldn't focus. Gates open at 7. Midterm starts at 7:15. Once in class, it only took me less than 10 minutes for the midterm and I was out the door. Picked up Scott, and headed to the Amphitheatre... 

I give the concert 4.5 out of 5 stars. it didn't get the other .5 due to lack of pyro and stage props. Other than that, damn near perfect. We had lawn seats, which is just as good, becaus the bleachers get uncomforatble, and the floor makes you stand the whole time. Byran Adams opened, which we only got to see half of because it took us 45 minutes to park. Def Leppard then came on to the beat of Queen's "We Will Rock You." They had a nice Video/light show. The amphitheater has 5 big screen monitors to watch if you can't see the stage. They lit up to a "Photograph" montage that switched back and forth between Def Leppard live on stage and Def Leppard from the mid-80s. They played every song you know them for and then a couple newer ones. Except for "Pour some sugar on me." We had to beg for an encore for that one. But they were ready. Scott had a good time. This is the kinda stuff that creates memories. And to boys from Britain -- Keep Rockin! We love you for it. 

And yes, it is true. The Drummer from Def Leppard only has one arm.