Dukes Of Hazard

Posted on: Wed, 10/25/2017 - 18:29 By: dusty

When I was little I loved watching the Dukes Of Hazard!  And still do.  Nothing better than Bo and Luke duke sliding over the hood of the General Lee and in the windows to spit up some gravel in the face of everybody.

I had a friend in Fort Sheridan, probably while in Preschool (?), that used to play Dukes of Hazard with me.  His name was Andre, and we used to have one of those big (big for a preschooler) multi-colored plastic cubes with the holes in the side that we could slide into either side of just like Bo and Luke.  I remember that fondly.  Funny, looking back, Andre was black; he must of been playing one of the Duke cousins!

Other than that, I remember my mom bringing a jar of dill pickles to a party at preschool.  Probably not relevant, but that is what I remember.