My 1977 Pontiac Bonneville

Posted on: Wed, 10/25/2017 - 18:17 By: dusty

As a joke, my mother put a $100 bid on this car at an auction. Nobody outbid her, so we paid the $15 auction fee and it became my next pride and joy. It was an awesome beast of a machine: a 311 V8, solid metal "do not get i front of me because i will crush you" beast. good heat for the Michigan winters, power windows for the summer, and a couch for a back seat big enough for six of your best friends.

Working at Stone Container, the back seat doubled as my bed. It was a 45 minute ride from 44th street, where Stone Container was, to home in Sparta. After a 12 hour shift, i was darn tired and the last thing i wanted to do was drive 45 minutes; i would stop in a parking lot, usually Westgate bowling and crash in the back seat i would usually wake to the cold air and then drive home. Sometimes during long print runs, my partner allowed me to bring the car into the loading dock. i had a blue blanket with "Sparta Class of '95" embroidered in the corner, given to each student at graduation, that graced the back seat and kept me warm.

This is the car that made me enlist. At the time i was already on a suspended license, only allowed to drive to work and back. 2am, the restaurant closed and I locked up and walked to the Bonneville, delighted in the fresh layer of snow that had accumulated during my shift. I fired up the beast, positioned the car in the middle of the parking lot, and cranked the wheel. my right foot sank to the floor with the gas pedal sandwiched underneath as i crafted a perfect doughnut in the fresh coat of snow. i saw some headlights pull into the adjacent parking lot and thought "wow, someone else whipping doughnuts!" then i saw the the red and blue lights! My license was pulled then and there. the Bonneville had become known by the local authorities: the next day, my brother drove me to work in the Bonneville and we got pulled over strictly because the office thought i was driving. my last hoorah in the bonney was to/from the Bush concert, when we packed it full of 7 of my best friends.

When i went to bootcamp, i had to leave the car at home. Word is my dad was driving it when the transmission went out. It was left on the side of the road.