Congratulations Riley is beautiful and precious, glad to see everyone is doing well, great pictures Hope to see everyone soon. Love Uncle Jim and Erica

my baby!

She's just as cute as can be! I can't wait to see her. But, um, please don't forget to hit delete on these pics once she is old enough to date. I'm sure she doesn't want her child porn shown to her boyfriend! :shock: Oh wait, I know what you're thinking Dusty...she's never going to be old enough to date so it doesn't matter! :roll:

Riley Marie Was Born Today

Riley Marie Sievers was born on February 24th, 2006. She weighed in at 7lbs 14ozs and measured 20 and 3/4" Long.

Riley's Baby Shower

Lisa had Riley's Baby shower last weekend. It was a good thing, too, since they are supposed to be inducing labor this friday...

Dusty's Birthday

Geez am I getting old.


Painting is in progress.


It was about time you did that.

Dusty's Furniture

I took on making another desk and some furniture for my office at home. So Far...

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