It's Go Time.

I turned 30 this year. 

Late last year I was the heaviest I have ever been. I weighed 263lbs. yikes. My wife and I joined Weight Watchers and I lost 30lbs in 6months. Then she dropped my membership. I've been hovering around 230lbs since. I'm getting back on the plan. with our without the membership, I need to drop another 30lbs to get where I want to be. 

It's go time. 

Graduation Day

they finally let me graduate. I graduated Tidewater Communitiy College today with an Associates of Applied Science in Information Technology Degree. Graduated Cum Laude (with honors).

Dusty's Cracked Tree

We have a tree with a big crack in it. It'll have to come down. I think it was struck by lightning. The tree is in the middle of my house, two fences, and the back porch. It will be a pain to cut it down and not hit anything. You can see daylight through this crack:

The Big Three-Oh!

I just had my birthday last friday. My son was the first to wish me Happy Birthday, despite having talked to all three of the ladies prior to leaving for the day. geez. Lisa and the girls did, however, show up to give me a birthday suprise in the form of a singing telegram -- A grim reaper. Wait a minute, i have a long way to go until I am 40! As a warning, this clip has not been edited or cleaned up: It was compressed, however and may be fuzzy.

Polar Plunge 2007

Shane and Tracy did the Polar Plunge this year with Tracy's company. Check out the pics below.

A Day At The Park

It was in the 70's yesterday -- on the 6th of January! We took the girsl to the park to play... Riley liked to swing:

Riley's First Ice Cream Cone

After Scott's soccer game, we went for ice cream. It was the first time Riley got her own cone.


All the cousins did a music video to Fergie's Fergalicious. Check It Out:, family on news.

We were on TV! Check out the News Clips Below: You can right Click and "Save Target As.." to download to your computer...



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