My 1986 Chevrolet Cavalier (station wagon)(Blue)

 This was my first car, inherited from my mother.

I remember one night, working late at Perkins, Jeremy Wheater and I decided to race home.  It was approximately an 11 mile stretch back to Sparta from the restaurant.  I had my '86 Blue Chevy Cavalier Station Wagon, and he had his '86 Blue Chevy Cavalier.  It was an nice, even matchup.  We took off at the same time.  He got stopped by all red lights.  I got stopped by blue and red lights -- the cops again!

My 1995 Chevrolet S-10 (Extended Cab)

 After the Grand Am, we were on the hunt for a car yet again.  Lisa had always said every family needs a pickup; probably because her father always had one, so we went shopping for a pickup.  We settled on the S-10, bought for $8k from a guy in Ocean Lakes.

My 1998 Pontiac Grand Am

This was my interim vehicle since the neon crash and it performed acceptable in this capacity.

My 1977 Pontiac Bonneville

As a joke, my mother put a $100 bid on this car at an auction. Nobody outbid her, so we paid the $15 auction fee and it became my next pride and joy. It was an awesome beast of a machine: a 311 V8, solid metal "do not get i front of me because i will crush you" beast. good heat for the Michigan winters, power windows for the summer, and a couch for a back seat big enough for six of your best friends.

Mud in Your Eye Cross Country #2

Ran Race #2 of the Mud in Your Eye Cross Country Series. Official email reads:

"Congratulations Dustin Sievers on finishing the Mud in Your Eye Cross Country #2 on January 23, 2010. For your records, the weather that day was sunny, 36 degrees F, calm wind, MUUUUDDYYY. We hope your feet are thawed, and your clothes come clean!

There were 13 finishers in the Male 30 to 34 age group and 269 finishers in the 6K division.

Looking for Mike Davis

 I got a Facebook account last week.  I wasn't necessarily avoiding getting one, but never had the reason before.  Now I had the reason.  I was searching online and the results came back that his dad may have a Facebook account.  So I signed up.  Turns out it wasn't the guy and I'm back to square one.

Anyway, the guys name is Mike Davis.  Should be easy, right?  To make it better, his name is Michael Jerome Davis, which if you've searched, you'd know this is also a famous dead musician.  Not helping.

Traffic Court

I went to traffic court today.

Yes, I got a ticket.  I'm a horible, horible person.  Thing is, I wasn't even speeding.

I hired a lawyer.  Local boy, not a national guy -- wanted that local vibe.

I wrote an 11-page letter to my lawyer citing how there was no way I was speeding, complete with pictures, scans of receipts of how I was where and when.  I couldn't convince him, I figure I couldn't convince a judge.  Thing is, at this point, nobody cares if you were speeding.

25th Annual YMCA Independence Day 5K Run, 1-Mile Run and ¼ Mile Tot Trot

We had the whole family out running this morning!  Lisa and I ran the 5K, Alyssa ran the 1mile, and Riley ran the 1/4 mile Tot Trot!  Scott...  Sat and looked pretty.

From the Race Coordinator:
"Congratulations on finishing the 25th Annual YMCA Independence Day 5K/1Mile on July 04, 2009.  For your records, the weather that day was mostly sunny, 75 degrees F, 60% humidity, North wind 11 mph.

Day 1: New Site

Today, I start the new site. this one is Drupal-based. After I skin it to my liking, I have to import all my old stuff rom PHPbb2. that'll be fun. Stay tuned...

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