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Alyssa's Xmas party

Alyssa's Preschool had thier Christmas Party on Wednesday, the last day of school. My mother and I went to party with her. She got to make a Gingerbread Christmas Tree. We put it with her Gingerbread house. Then we went back to the classroom where the kids exchanged gifts with each other and the teachers and the teachers had gifts for them!

Scott's VA Xmas

Scott went up to his Father's in MA for the holidays. Because of that, we decided to have Xmas for him on Wednesday, before he left. A couple of things he got:

A Christmas Carol

This last thursday we went to see a play, A Christmas Carol. You know, the one with Ebinezer (sp?) Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Three Xmas ghosts and such. It was put on by the Virginia Stage Company at Wells Theater. It was a very well done rendition of the classic story. I laughed at all the jokes, Alyssa cried at the ghosts. My mother, who is staying with us for the week was almost appauled they cast a black guy as Scrooge's Nephew. She's from up north. What can I say? Anyway, It was later in the evening and I had been up late the previous night Christmas shopping.

Re: Beamer

We just had ultrasounds of Beamer.

Gingerbread Houses

We went over to Shane and Tracy's house and made Gingerbread houses last night. It was fun. The kids were occupied and having fun, and therefore behaving themselves.

Breakfast With Santa

This morning we went to Bass Pro Shop and had Breakfast With Santa. It was fun, they kept it upbeat and not boring. The kids got to sit on Santa's lap, talk to him, eat breakfast, do some crafts and play bingo. For breakfast they had suasage patties, scrambled eggs and pancakes. Santa was friendly and walked around and talked to the kids. Alyssa won bingo twice. Scotty cheated and won. Alyssa was even up singing Jingle Bells with the Carolers. Of course, afterwards we had to check out the boats and ATVs!

More Work

Scotty stripping the stairs, some electrical work, the beams, the pigeon stoop.

3d Stuff

Some 3d Renditions:


Here are some pics of the house prior to the demolition. Looking up the stairs:

Demo Day

The first Day of Demolition

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