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Father's Day

Scotty left a special message for me and mom. He did it late at night and nobody knew about it until it was done. I sure hope that comes off...

Riley's Baptism

I know its late (almost a month), but here are Riley's Baptism pictures.


By popular demand, some pics I took at Soccer. They're all dorks.


We took the kids bowling this last Friday.

Finishing Work

Pics of Scotty's Drum Stage. I just finished carpeting it. If you notice, the curve on the stage is identical to the curve of the big honkin' window. Hmm.... I wonder where the wood came from?

Easter Pictures

Here are some pics we took of the kids...

Updated Pics

I got to feed the baby her first bottle. Still breast milk, but now I don't get left out.

Where Were You?


I'm taking English 111 and was assigned to wirte a personal narrative essay. I was going to write about this anyway but here goes... (I know formatting sucks, but whatever.) 

Where were you on 9-11? 


I was doing a tatto for a friend and this is how it turned out so far. Here is what his wife has:

More Riley Marie Pics

My Dad holding her:

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