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Shamrock Half Marathon

This is how I rocked the Shamrock Half Marathon!

Mud in your Eye XC

I ran a 5K race this morning put on by Kale Running!

It was the longest I have run outside in a long time, the first time I have ever run cross country and this was CROSS COUNTRY! UP and DOWN two hills twice! Results per Kale Running: 

"Congratulations Dustin Sievers on finishing the Mud in Your Eye Cross Country #1 on January 10, 2009. For your records, the weather that day was sunny, 37 degrees F, south wind 5 mph. 

There were 15 finishers in the Male 30 to 34 age group and 244 finishers in the 5K division. 

Up and Running

It has been almost a year since my last post. I was in mourning because my brother left me. woe was me... I'm back, baby. Better than ever! Well, getting there. In addition to all the great stuff that has happened to me in the last year, i have decided to take a bigger interest in my health. I am seeing a chiropracter for some back pain -- more on that later. I got a kickass sonicare toothbrush last birthday to take care of that oral hygiene -- haven't had to go to the dentist since. My wife and I are on Weightwatchers and I have lost 15 pounds to date!

Photoshop Fun

I have this awesome pic I wanted to enlarge. I liked the pic because of the golden sky that was caputered through the silohuete of some trees. Lisa took the picture while we were camping at cherrystone. I think it was a fluke, but if you ask her... Anyway, prior to taking it to the developer for enalargement, i decided to color balance it and touch it up in Photoshop CS3 first. I used Dave Cross' "Scientific' 3-point never-fail method: 'Lo and Behold! it revealed the sky was actually Blue! even if Lisa mea

Shiny Toy Guns

I bought Shiny Toy Guns

U6 Stingers Soccer Season Over

For those that don't know, i assistant coached Alyssa's U6 soccer team. Pics below.


I broke my big toe playing soccer tonite. It hurts. swelling, blood rushing to the surface. it is broken. ouch.

My Dad's Wedding

My Dad got remarried this weekend. It was a blast. He had a rennesance wedding, complete with bagpipes, an alter and a witch. Good stuff, check it out:

I got lasered.

I forgot to tell everyone I got lasered. 

I had Lasik eye surgery at Beach Eye Care. It's been about a week. The story goes like this: 

Jackie's Frogs

I did some wall murals for some friends of ours. They have thier bathroom done up in a frog theme. All these take up the top halves of each wall. Enjoy.

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