Reactus Maximus Challenge Coin

When I was active duty, I made this Reactus Maximus Design.  It had a "thumbs-up" reactor, glowing in electricity, with banners top and bottom that read "Reactus Maximus:" kicking nuclear ass and taking names!

Earlier this year, I was made aware a challenge coind had been minted using my artwork to comemorate the deactivation of the USS Enterprise (CVN-65).  Some 14 years later my design had still found some relevance! Flattered...  I found someone "in the know" and am now the proud owner of one of the challenge coins!


Some extra coins were ordered, however will be at a slightly higher price based on limitied quantity: $30 + Tax + $6S/H

Paypal Link: SOLD OUT!

Reactus Maximus


Kharma +1

Monday on the way home from my chiropractor appointment, I'm sitting at a red light about to turn right onto a highway onramp that will lead to my doctor's appointment.  As I wait, a van pulling a pop-up camper comes off the offramp to my left, turns left to proceed in the same direction I am pointing; under the highway bridge.  Suprised, I witness the camper's Propane tank seperate itself, take three hard bounces on the pavement, and roll off the road and under the bridge.

6mi today

I ran 6 miles today in 59:34!  Back under a 10min/mile!  Woohoo!


When we lived in Fort Sheridan, we had a calico cat named Crackers.  I think he was an indoor and outdoor cat.

Dukes Of Hazzard

When I was little I loved watching the Dukes Of Hazzard!  And still do.  Nothing better than Bo and Luke duke sliding over the hood of the General Lee and in the windows to spit up some gravel in the face of everybody.

My first Concert - White Zombie

The first concert I can remember (my folks say I've been to earlier ones) was White Zombie, with Ramones (on one of their farewell tours), and the Vandals.

One of my earliest memories

 One of my earliest memories is that of my sister's birth.  I don’t know when i was first told, but I knew she was born in Lakewood Forest, Illinois.  We always used to say it, whenever asked; "Lakewood Forest, Illinois" rolled off our tongues like familiar lyrics to a song.  That was accurate enough for me; I remember my father was stationed at Fort Sheridan Illinois as a military police in the U.S.

My 1995 Dodge Neon (Green)

This was by far one of my favorite cars.

I was living upstate NY at the time, and finally got my license back: I needed a ride.  I had been looking around and I think it was my good friend Tom Falco who found the car online at Colonie (sp?) Chevrolet.  It was $10k, which was my biggest asset to date and the most I had ever financed before...  Anxiety!

My 1986 Chevrolet Cavalier (4-door)(Blue)

I remember buying this car used from Ann Street Auto Sales in GR.  Ironically, it ended up not too far away at Russ & Ron's Auto Services.  

My 2009 Chevrolet Silverado (Crew Cab)(Blue)

This is the first brand new vehicle i have ever owned. it had less than 50 miles on it when i bought it December 28, 2010. we went with the full-size pickup as it was getting kind of hard fitting a family of five in the S-10. the girls had a big hand in deciding which truck we bought and with what accessories. after looking around for a while, i chose the chevy based on fuel economy. while i was settling on the specific truck, we brought the girls out to test.

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